Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Royal Order of the Indolent

In honour and anticipation of Joshua Glenn's and Mark Kingwell's Idler's Glossary -- the Devil's dictionary for the Idling classes -- I've begun a new blog of all things idle which can be found here:


There will be a good deal of regular action on this blog, so check in at least (ir)regularly. And make sure to do it on your boss's dime. The first post offers a link to a Washington Post article on Karoshi, proof that work will kill you.

There's also a Royal Order of the Indolent Facebook page for those who loaf there regularly.


Anonymous said...

Dan, isn't it a contradiction to predict "a great deal of action" on a blog of the Indolent?

Art is Hell said...

Dan, as we always say, "so much time, and so little to do".