Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ondjaki's Good Morning Comrades

Ondjaki's Good Morning Comrades is available now, the second official title in the Biblioasis International Translation series. This is the first title by Ondjaki available in english, beating out Aflame Edition's The Whistler, from what I gather, by a matter of days. Translated by Stephen Henighan, who's also stepping in as General Editor for the series.

Looks like we'll be launching Good Morning Comrades at Harbourfront March 12th. Ondjaki's coming into Canada for a whirlwind tour that will include several Toronto appearance, Guelp, Brock and elsewhere. More details to follow.

You'll be seeing more Biblioasis translation titles beginning in 2009, as we hope to make translation a bigger part of our publishing program. We have Hans Eichner's Kahn & Engelmann lined up for spring '09; hopefully Horacio Castellanos Moya's Dances with Snakes in the Fall of '09. Also Goran Simic's next volume of poetry, The Tattooed Land. Lots of good stuff.

Speaking of translation, we're working on the next issue of CNQ, which will be focusing on translation. It's been a very difficult issue to assemble, though it's finally taking shape. Contributors include Mike Barnes, Alberto Manguel, Robyn Sarah, Steven Henighan, Goran Simic, Eric Ormsby and others. Also a few regular critical pieces, including a fabulous Giller Report by Alex Good.

So why haven't you subscribed? $14.00 won't even buy you a Danielle Steele paperback anymore, and we know how much that's worth. Come on: it'll make you feel smart. When's the last time that came so cheap?

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