Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Few Spring Covers

Early looks at a couple more of our Spring titles. Two of Spring '08's titles -- Russell Smith's pornographic fairy tale Diana: A Diary in the Second Person (#1 on's erotica lists at the moment (proof that smut(h) sells) -- part Story of O, part Molly Bloom, part Penthouse Letters (mainly Penthouse Letters) -- and Ondjaki's Good Morning Comrades (see below) are already out and available. Charles Foran's Join the Revolution, Comrade and Lorna Jackson's Flirt: the Interviews will be out April 1st; Stephen Henighan's A Report on the Afterlife of Culture min-April. The remaining list -- Patricia Young's Here Come the Moonbathers and the Zach Wells edited Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets, will be coming out towards the end of April. I'll have you covers for them as soon as we're a touch closer to being satisfied.


Alex said...

Sounds like Biblioasis should maybe start a CanSmut imprint. Help pay for all the litrchur!

Zachariah Wells said...

Two spring titles with the word "comrade"? What is this, some kinda pinko outfit you runnin' here, Dan?

Daniel said...

the Revolution starts now, Z.