Friday, November 28, 2014


Craig Pearson and Daniel Wells with a few book
Last night was the launch party at The Windsor Star News Cafe.  Over 300 people came out to celebrate the release, including Rino Bortolin, newly elected city councillor for the downtown ward.  Bortolin says:
When you’re flipping through the pages you’re really getting a good historical overview of Windsor. It’s just a reminder that you’re rooted in the history of such a great community. It’s not just the buildings themselves: it’s the people and the energy of the community.
Marty Beneteau, editor of The Windsor Star.  
Courtesy of The Windsor Star.
Some highlights of the evening: an interview with CTV, introductions from Marty Beneteau, a performance by Crissi Cochrane, Craig and Daniel both speaking about their experiences and what they learned from working on the project, and then the anticipated signing of the books.  This party was quite the success!

The authors sign books for Marilyn Racovitis and her daughter
Helena Ventrella.  Courtesy of  The Windsor Star.
Today, The Windsor Star has not only graced a fantastic photo of Daniel's family on the cover, but has also included a special historical feature so be sure to grab a copy.
Special feature insert in The Windsor Star.
Front page spread.

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