Friday, April 11, 2014

Biblioasis in the LA Review of Books

We knew it was coming. We'd thought maybe last month, and then we knew for sure this month, and then we knew for-sure for sure when a very dear customer wrote to us from California:
After 10 more days of pacing and nail-chewing, and again thanks to our friends Leslie and Neil, yesterday we finally saw a copy of the press profile that's running in this month's LA Review of Books. They ran a three-page interview with Dan. Needless to say, we were thrilled, but we were ESPECIALLY thrilled with their opening paragraph, of which I've transcribed the opening sentences:

"As Detroit considers selling off major artworks to stay afloat, the literary scene just across the river in Windsor, Ontario is flourishing. It's there in 'South Detroit' that Biblioasis is publishing some of the best poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in the world."

Yep. In the WORLD. Three cheers for the LARB! It's print-only, so if you're eager to see a copy, drop one of us a line and we'll send you a scan.

Happy Friday, all—

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Alex said...

What a line-up.