Monday, September 23, 2013

Challenging, enlightening, disturbing: Vancouver Sun calls Cynthia Flood's Newest a Stunner

From the launch of Red Girl Rat Boy:
Cynthia Flood and Betsy Warland.
For those of you who haven't seen it, there was a beyond-rave review of Red Girl Rat Boy in the Vancouver Sun this weekend, which was picked up by The Edmonton Journal. Here's a taste:
With rapid-fire narration, power-point prose, and darts of minimalist description, Flood nails her subject. Her characters are impatient to be heard, grabbing your attention, word bullets flying, hope and despair spilling over the pages. The subtext is anger, disappointment, hopelessness, cynicism, end of life ruminations, and what went wrong? Beloveds are suffering all over the place ... The best fiction challenges, enlightens, even disturbs and these qualities are evident in Flood's collection.
Check it out!

We'll be back soon with reports from the Brooklyn Book Festival, a bit on how Mark Kingwell's Unruly Voices became a banned book, festival appearance updates, and more!

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