Thursday, August 22, 2013

Malarky in The Irish Times; Malarky a finalist for Debut-Litzer Award; also some grovelling.

Well not a few of you have been asking where the sam-heck Biblioasis has been the past few months. Sunning? Skiing? Heavens to Betsy, they say. You SLACKERS. What happened to those glorious posts? Those tidal waves of tweets? That gallimaufry of facebook updates? And didn't you use to have a NEWSLETTER?

All right. Fine. Guilty. We took a social media nap. Like digital bears in digital winter. And for better or worse, we're coming back. Full-swing September, that's what it'll be called. So many darn updates you'll be wishing for the light in August. Or the light traffic in August. Or—

Ahem. First on the agenda are two great bits-o-news for Anakana Schofield, who was recently shortlisted for the Debut-Litzer Prize in the States, and who received a glowingly (luminously? radioactively?) positive review this weekend in The Irish Times. (In fact if I just listed an encomium once a day from that review I'd have content enough to stuff the blog till March.) The tireless AK has also done an excellent job of reporting over-the-pond news following her Oneworld publication, so if you're feeling in need of a refresher I suggest you take a look at her twitter feed or website. In the meantime, we're off to paw the Detroit River for salmon ... or something.

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