Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Dark Reality of Evacuation: Sonia Tilson in the Ottawa Citizen

Sonia Tilson and editor
John Metcalf, at the Plan 99
Reading Series last Saturday.
"Sonia Tilson has always been in the word business," begins the profile that ran yesterday in Sonia's hometown paper. Of The Monkey Puzzle Tree, Sonia's debut that launched a week ago at David O'Meara's Plan 99 Reading Series, the Citizen says: "[it's] no soft sell. It is a well-written, clear-eyed look at the evacuation of small children from British cities during the Second World War." For more on Sonia and her novel, check out the profile here. And remember, if you're by Books on Beechwood this afternoon, Sonia's signing books as we speak! She's there till 3. Happy Saturday, folks. 

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