Monday, March 28, 2011

Speaking of Poetry...

Over at Open Book Toronto, Writer-in-Res Jeff Latosik offers this on Joshua Trotter and his recently released ATCBY:

Joshua Trotter

Books: All This Could Be Yours (Biblioasis, 2010)

Cred: Widespread publication.

Relevance: With a title that could be equally at home in a modern advertisement, Trotter shows us from the get-go two of his chief selling points: a tongue and cheek playfulness and a gift for aphorism that's -- and this is the trick with aphorism -- always perfectly timed. Trotter's lines are charged in a way the reveals a deeply studied but also deeply committed mind--to not only poetic tradition (along with a fierce intelligence), but to the complicated world. There is no speaking from on-high, no capital P poetics, and no straining for profundity in Trotter's aesthetic universe.

Is currently working on: Releasing ATCBY (it was released last fall).


For the rest of the series, including some thoughts on James Langer's Gun Dogs, please go here.

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