Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Week's Biblioasis Bestsellers

I know, I know: Biblioasis and Bestsellers seems to be a contradiction in terms. Except that once this year when Rumrunners slipped in at number 10 on the Globe & Mail list. And that time in 2008 when Diana: A Diary in the Second Person made the Calgary bestseller lists for several weeks. But we *know* that that was Russell's parents buying up all of the available copies before anyone else could. I am, as always, profoundly grateful for family support: where would we be without our parents?

(If any of you other Biblioasis-o-philes have a work of literary smut out there to peddle, I'm beginning to think working in embarrassed families buying hundreds of copies makes just about as much sense as the rest of my business plan. At this point I am ready to try almost anything.)

But contrary to general belief, we do actually sell non-pornography from time to time. Just ask BNC. Though Russell's Diana is back in the top 5 titles, and has been for several weeks. I thought I'd post the top 5 selling Biblioasis titles this week according to Book Net Canada.

1. Marty Gervais. The Rumrunners.
2. Terry Griggs. Nieve.
3. Mauricio Segura. Black Alley.
4. Russell Smith. Diana: A Diary in the Second Person
5. K. D. Miller. Brown Dwarf.

*: Of course we don't know this. It's probably just all of those lonely oil men. Or women.

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Kerry Clare said...

Oil women are the loneliest women in the world.