Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PMT on Brown Dwarf

While I was away (Which means that, yes, I have returned, dear readers. At least physically. Several parts of me -- including my heart -- remain elsewhere. More on that, possibly, later.) Kerry Clare wrote a review of K.D. Miller's wonderful Brown Dwarf.

K.D. Miller’s novel Brown Dwarf is a delicious secret. A slim volume, gorgeous to behold (and to hold! that cover. those thick pages. such an elegant typeface, perfect leading), it knows far more than it is telling. Rae Brand, a successful mystery novelist, turns to her own personal narrative in order to confront a pivotal event from her childhood. Though she’d been Brenda Bray then, lumpen outcast, daughter of a depressive, the character Rae Brand has been escaping ever since.

For the rest of it please go here.

More to come, including Black Alley launch photos. As well as, perhaps, some photos on what I did when my British vacation was interrupted by an Icelandic volcano.

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