Monday, February 01, 2010

CNQ 78 is at the Printer

CNQ 78 is at the printer. A special issue guest edited by David Hickey on the poetry of John Smith, it brings contributions from Hickey, Zach Wells, Ross Leckie and Smith himself, among others, alongside an excellent essay by David Mason, an interview with Norm Sibum, a short story by Terence Young and a piece on theatre in Canada by Jane Wells. Books reviewed include A. F. Moritz's The Sentinel, Annabel Lyon's The Golden Mean, David Adams Richards' God Is, John Terpstra's Skin Boat, Adam Getty's Reconciliation, and much else besides.

This is also the last issue in the current format. Issue 79 will unveil a completely new look courtesy of Seth. There will be new features as well, and a wider range and focus. There will also be something special in each issue for subscribers not available on the newsstand: finely printed collectibles, including bookmarks, broadsides, chip and chapbooks, prints and other ephemera, produced by some of the best printers and publishers in the country, including GreenBoathouse Press, Gaspereau, Biblioasis and others. Stay tuned for further information.

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Kerry said...

Now I am *very* worried that I've let my subscription lapse. Will I get a renewal notice before that happens? Because this all sounds very very good and I don't want to miss a thing.