Monday, October 27, 2008

Vancouver Review reviews Dragonflies

Word has reached me that the Vancouver Review has given a rave review to Grant Buday's novel about the last days of the Trojan War, Dragonflies. Though I haven't seen the full thing yet, a reader sent along a few choice quotes which I'll post below, and I'll try and post the full review as soon as I get it .

from the review:

"This short, graceful book is infused with a deep understanding of the ancient stories, and crafted with a visual, poetic and psychological aesthetic that is redolent of the originals, yet manages to avoid feeling derivative."

"What I lingered over most in the book, though, were superb incidental details that dot the story like jewels."

"Buday has produced a significant work that honours the Homeric tradition with its awesome balance of sweeping action, deep but compact characterizations, and breathtaking visual moments."

Review by Dania Sheldon

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